Terms and Conditions



1 引用部分を「blockqouteタグ」で挟むこと
2 エントリーのタイトルを併記してリンクすること
3 引用部分が従であり、全体の2〜3割程度に抑えること


Terms and Conditions

The content of this site is accepted for citation, subject to the following conditions

1 The quoted portion must be sandwiched between “blockqoute tags”.
2 Link to the title of the entry in conjunction with the title of the entry.
3 The quoted portion should be subordinate and limited to 20-30% of the total.
According to the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

All the contents of this site (text, photos, illustrations, etc.) may be used for reproduction, redistribution (with additions), or other purposes. (including processed material) is not allowed. If the unauthorized reproduction is found, we will charge you for the usage fee plus damages. This also applies to the author’s Twitter and Instagram posts.
I will not permit the use of photos with absolute links because it will put a heavy load on our server. If you do so, we will take legal action for obstruction of business and claim for damages.